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Laser Peel

About Spectra Peel™

Spectra Peel™ is a unique and effective skin rejuvenation treatment that leverages the dual mode capacity of the Spectra VRM™ laser to provide outstanding clinical results.

Spectra Peel™ first harnesses the Spectra mode of the Lutronic system and the quasi-long pulse delivered at 1064nm provides photo-bio-stimulation to the epidermis, gently heating and mildly exfoliating the outermost layer of the skin. The following passes (also at 1064nm) in Q-switched mode result in immediate photomechanical destruction of the fine carbon particles in the previously applied Spectra Lotion. Because the outermost layer of dead skin cells are gently removed, the dermal cells associated with skin rejuvenation (fibroblasts, mast cells and macrophage cells) are stimulated resulting in controllable regeneration and collagen re-modeling for improved skin tone, texture, wrinkle and scar reduction without significant down time or side effects.

Spectra Laser Peel™, a powerful, controllable yet gentle protocol that allows complete clinical management of the skin rejuvenation process for a wide range of indications and skin types.

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